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Unlimited Talent Pool​

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Personalised Approach

Business Models that work

Pay per Hire

Pay per Hire

Designed for roles that are hard to find where the success fee model will give you the opportunity to delegate hard-to-fill roles to us and let us show what we can do.

Best suited for companies that need:

Limited number of senior roles to be filled.

Best Value:

Hiring efficiently with three to five candidates received within first two weeks.

Pay per Shortlist

Pay per Shortlist

If your hiring needs are constant and you want to build your own database of people let us deal with a steady pipeline of candidates and you can concentrate on hiring.

Best suited for companies that need:

Constant pipeline of quality candidates

Best Value:

Building your database while being cost-efficient from 40% – 60% more than with a regular contingency model.

Pay per Team

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If your hiring needs an extra boost immediately, we can help with integrating our skilled recruiters into your team.

Best suited for companies that need:

Multiple roles and multiple vacancies withtime sensitive hiring schedule.

Best Value:

Constant support while lowering the price per hire up to 1,800 € / placement.



If you want to test the market and test our service, we can devise a custom-made proposal, that is time-limited, with the idea of giving you chance to access and test our relationship.

Best suited for companies that need:

Market research and testing our capabilities.

Best Value:

Maximum Flexibility

How it works?

Account Manager

Onboarding stage

We map our recruitment journey and gather everything we need to know about your company and requirements of the role.

Marketing Specialist

Custom approach to make sure you stand out

We analyse your position on the market and make sure to present you in the best possible light – by creating a unique job description for each role and setting the right tone for our initial contact with the candidates.


Sourcing Stage

We carefully screen for both technical proficiency and cultural compatibility, ensuring that we only reach out to the most promising candidates.

Interviewing Stage


At our interviewing stage, we take the time to truly get to know our candidates and showcase all the perks of joining your company. Our initial 30-minute calls are designed to be detailed and informative, allowing us to delve deeper into their technical skills and experience, as well as their personal values and work style.

All items checked


Once we have completed the interviewing stage of our recruitment process, we move on to the next step where we evaluate the candidate based on specific criteria. If the candidate’s tech stack matches the requirements of the job description, and they are deemed to be a cultural fit for our client’s company, we assess their job history to ensure they have had long-term employment in the past. Finally, we review the candidate’s CV to ensure that it is of a high standard. If these criteria are met, we then forward the candidate to our client and prepare a detailed document outlining our impressions of the candidate. This step is crucial in ensuring that we only present the most qualified and suitable candidates to our clients.

Gathering impressions and forwarding the candidate


Our Candidate Submittal stage is a crucial part of our recruitment process, where we compile all the valuable insights and comments from the candidate’s interview into a comprehensive document. This document provides the company with an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s technical abilities, personal qualities, and overall fit for the role and company culture. In addition to the Candidate Submittal document, we also include the candidate’s CV, giving the company all the necessary information to make an informed decision about proceeding with further interviews.

Decision Making

Your Call

After we have presented our client with a detailed document outlining our impressions of the candidate, we move on to the decision making stage of the recruitment process. At this point, our client will review the candidate’s information and assess whether or not they are a good fit for their company. Alternatively, if the client does not feel that the candidate is a good match for their company, they may choose to decline the candidate and the search for the ideal candidate will continue. At this stage, our team will work closely with the client to understand their reasons for not proceeding with the candidate and adjust our recruitment strategy accordingly.


Hiring in progress

Congratulations, you have a new team member!

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