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BPS Tech is an IT recruitment agency with a mission to make tech talent and innovation limitless. We believe that by connecting capability with creativity in the world of technology, we can help our clients and candidates reach their full potential.

We understand the importance of finding the right talent to drive innovation and growth in the tech industry. Our team of experienced recruiters has a deep understanding of the industry, tech stacks and the soft skills needed for success in all kinds of environments. We like to take the time to understand the unique needs of our clients and candidates so that we can be fast and efficient during the search of the perfect match.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for growth and innovation in the tech industry by connecting the best talent with the best opportunities, no matter where you are located. So whether you’re a job seeker looking for your next big opportunity, or a company looking to fill a vital role, we believe we have you covered. Scroll a bit more to read our full story and if you think we can connect together those creative and capable tech minds – We can’t wait to meet you.

Our Approach

Our approach to recruitment is like a finely tuned algorithm – always based on the same values, no matter the service and business model.
The five key ingredients that make our team stick together and our recruitment process successful are:


Finely tuned algorithm of Efficiency and Commitment

Once we determine that we are a match – We really enjoy learning about your company and your culture.
We are devoted during the entire recruitment process, and we pay attention to all the details, starting from the revision of the Job Description, assigning the adequate Account Manager, to Sourcing, Screening, the CV, writing the Candidate Submission document, and ultimately Hiring


Finely tuned algorithm of Transparency and Directness

Honesty saves everyone’s time and resources, and we know that we’ll probably encounter challenges along the way if we aren’t clear from the start. If a role is mission impossible even for us, we won’t hide and prolong the search. You will receive our feedback during the entire process, both when things go smooth and if we get stuck along the way.


Finely tuned algorithm of Determination and Patience

Once we onboard you, we’ll work tirelessly to find the perfect match for the job, and that’s a promise. But we also have the wisdom to know when it’s time to move on if we don’t have any concrete results after a while of search. Once we exhaust all resources that are at our disposal we’ll schedule a call to try and find other solutions together.


Finely tuned algorithm of Passion and Eagerness to learn

We’re constantly learning about new technologies and meeting new people, and it’s something we’re truly passionate about. We try to bring energy and positivism to every interaction, and our bon vivant nature easily gets expanded to our recruitment process. We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve the recruitment process and keep ourselves updated on the latest industry trends.

Whether you are a startup with the mission to scale your team, or a well-established company that has immediate hiring needs, we act the same. Maybe you need to start immediately with the Executive Search and need the right leader ASAP?

We believe that we can cover all of the above, if you know exactly what you want. If not, our recruiters will probably be bothered and you won’t have your own Account Manager.

But, if you know exactly where it hurts in your recruitment process, we might have some painkillers down below.

Tech Recruitment in a Nutshell

Designed for companies that want to ensure that they are hiring the best talent to complement their existing teams and reach their full potential. Maybe you need a one-time vital role and you don’t know what to expect next when it comes to your hiring schedule. No pressure. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your company and we are dedicated to providing a tailored recruitment experience that meets your specific needs.

Specially crafted for companies that are starting fresh, whether that’s opening a new office or building an all-star team from scratch, but are not sure where to start. We know that finding the right people to bring your vision to life sometimes seems like the toughest challenge in the world, but that’s where we come in. We’ll act as your ally during the whole process and make sure to spread the word among the best ones on the market.

Once the recommendations don’t work, this one becomes tough (not impossible though).Executive search is a process like no other in the world of Tech Recruitment and we like to approach it with care. Every company is unique, and that’s why we need to take care of every detail to ensure that we find the ideal leader who has the perfect balance of technical and soft skills to lead you in the wanted direction.

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  • Working with Marija has been an awesome experience. She is the person who really cares about people and she wants to find appropriate fit. I would recommend Marija to everyone.

    Edin Zujo Avatar Edin Zujo
    September 4, 2022

    It was a great experience and pleasure to meet Milan Milosevic, brilliant HR recruiter who represented crucial aspects of the company, covered every field of the needed information and is... read more

    Danijela Stanoevski Avatar Danijela Stanoevski
    February 4, 2023

    One of the best experiences when we are talking about recruitment process. Milan Filipovic and Jelena Stevanovic are so kind. They instructed me in every detail and were available for... read more

    Sasa Arsenovic Avatar Sasa Arsenovic
    April 1, 2023

    Very good experience talking with Marija Josipovic. This kind of conversation helps in getting better picture about company and the project for which application is made. Marija go through more... read more

    Nenad Jeremic Avatar Nenad Jeremic
    September 4, 2022
  • In the process of looking for a new company, I had the opportunity to talk to several recruiters from different companies. I would single out Marija Sekularac Josipovic as most... read more

    Branimir Stantic Avatar Branimir Stantic
    July 4, 2022

    Pravo osveženje za našu IT zajednicu. Rado preporučujem saradnju sa ovim timom! Koleginica Jelena je pravi stručnjak, dosta sam naučio od nje u toku saradnje. Nastavite ovako, pozdrav ekipo!

    Milan Saric Avatar Milan Saric
    May 4, 2022

    Uz Jeleninu veliku predusretljivost i njenu medijaciju, pronašla sam svoje novo mesto u negujućoj sredini, bogate stručnosti.

    Teodora Mitrovic Avatar Teodora Mitrovic
    December 4, 2022

    Prijatan i profesionalan pristup kandidatu. Tokom karijere sam prosao preko 20 regrutovanja i ovaj je bio jedinstven i najprijatniji. Zahvaljujem se Neveni Šikman na svim razgovorima i podrsci

    Aleksandar Susak Avatar Aleksandar Susak
    July 4, 2022
  • Super iskustvo sa tim-om iz BPS-a, saslusali sta sam trazio od zaposlenog i realizovali. Za sve pohvale.

    Milos Krajisnik Avatar Milos Krajisnik
    December 4, 2022

    Stvarno jedno od najboljih iskustava koje sam imao do sada. Veoma profesionalni, prijatni, ljubazni i ono sto je najbitnije stvarno se trude da maksimalno pruze podrsku i da razumeju kandidate,... read more

    Stefan Utjesinovic Avatar Stefan Utjesinovic
    September 4, 2022

    Very good cooperation. I asked for help twice in my career and they did not let me down. They found me the perfect company and job. I would single out... read more

    Ivan Medjesi Avatar Ivan Medjesi
    March 21, 2023

    Izuzetan profesionalizam i jako prijatna komunikacija. Nevena je vodila proces sa posvecenoscu i fokusom na klijenta (kandidata).

    Dijana Roncevic Avatar Dijana Roncevic
    March 7, 2023
  • Pozitivno iskustvo sa BPSovim recruiterom Milanom koji je bio prisutan u svim fazama procesa, super komunikacija.

    Elizabeta Misinovic Avatar Elizabeta Misinovic
    July 4, 2022

    Jako pozitivno i prijatno iskustvo. Odlična komunikacija i svaka preporuka za agenciju 😊

    Mitra Pantić Avatar Mitra Pantić
    September 4, 2022

    It was a very smooth and fast process, everything was explained in advance and all deadlines where kept. All in all a truly positive experience with BPS World doo.

    Veljko Bosnjakovic Avatar Veljko Bosnjakovic
    January 4, 2023

    Very positive experience with BPS World doo. With Marija I have gone from start with knowing what ever I need to know with future firm and job. Also expeditious in... read more

    Marko Jovanovic Avatar Marko Jovanovic
    September 4, 2022
  • Prijatni i gostoljubivi radnici, što ne umanjuje njigovu profesionalnost. Uvek sprenmi da pomognu i odgovaraju na pitanja.

    Aleksandar Nikolic Avatar Aleksandar Nikolic
    December 4, 2022

    Pleasant experience, very professional approach and fast flow of information!!!

    Nemanja Jovanovic Avatar Nemanja Jovanovic
    December 4, 2022

    Vrlo profesionalno, odlično iskustvo. Prilikom traženja novog posla sam imao kontakt sa Marijom koja mi je puno pomogla.

    Dusan Danilovic Avatar Dusan Danilovic
    September 4, 2022

    The way I was presented in the recruitment process, to my current employer, is truly unique. The recruiter fleshed out the cover letter I sent and emphasized only the few... read more

    Branko Joksimovic Avatar Branko Joksimovic
    September 4, 2022
  • Jedan od najjačih utisaka je manir regrutera Milana tokom razgovora, da u fokus stavlja i ističe prednosti kandidata. Ovakav pristup, sigurno predstavlja komparativnu prednost za poslodavca.

    Vesna Scepanović Avatar Vesna Scepanović
    March 14, 2023

    Polite and very well informed about the companies they represent, and their process of trial.

    Branko Ratkovic Avatar Branko Ratkovic
    November 4, 2022

    Professionalism and kindness at the highest level. Thank you Marija Sekularac for cooperation. Hope to be in touch for new projects. Good Luck!

    Zoran Mijatovic Avatar Zoran Mijatovic
    March 14, 2023

    Perfect experience! Exchange of information, quality of communication and services at the highest level. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with BPS

    Dragan Markovic Avatar Dragan Markovic
    July 4, 2022
  • From the very beginning of recruitment process, communication was professional and efficient. My experience was great, talk with Milan Filipovic was pleasent and I got positive feedback very shortly after... read more

    Tasana Kostic Avatar Tasana Kostic
    March 4, 2023

    Odlična saradnja, svaka preporuka!

    Zeljko Jovanovic Avatar Zeljko Jovanovic
    September 4, 2022

    Imam samo riječi hvale za cjelokupno iskustvo ponude posla i razgovora oko detalja sa Milanom Miloševićem. Komunikacija je više bila na prijateljskoj razini nego na službenoj što mi se jako... read more

    Nikola Sedlar Avatar Nikola Sedlar
    February 4, 2023

    Jasna i prijatna komunikacija. Preporuke za BPS World i posebne pohvale za saradnju sa Nevenom Sikman👍. Lep pozdrav! 🍀

    Aleksandra Simeunovic Avatar Aleksandra Simeunovic
    December 4, 2022
  • Imao sam pozitivno iskustvo gde mi je Jelena sazeto predstavila projekat i klijenta i nakon toga povezala sa njim. U mom slucaju je sve brzo proteklo u 3 brza... read more

    Petar Jovanović Avatar Petar Jovanović
    October 4, 2022

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