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Market Research – 2023 in the Shoes of IT & Gaming (HR Perspective)

How will the job market look like in 2024?

From the perspective of human resources – 2023 was a year colored by turbulence, unpredictable decisions, and concerns about the future development of something that has been a clear association with innovation, growth, and progress in all previous years, especially in the IT (and Gaming) industry.

Thanks to the companies that openly shared their experiences with us during the past year, we were able to put ourselves in their shoes and conduct research that helps us understand all the changes that have affected the industry and the plans that are feasible for 2024.

Whose businesses were threatened by the events of 2023, and whose were improved? What will happen after the mass layoffs that hit the industry? And how on earth did HR survive all of this, wondering if it will be replaced by artificial intelligence?”

Curious about what lies ahead in the job market for 2024? Click below to explore the research and join us on this exciting journey as we unravel the changes in industries and see how HR is adapting!

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