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Jelena Stevanović – IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter
Is there anything that distinguishes working in this position from other positions in the IT sector? 
When it comes to the search and availability of candidates, there is no big difference compared to the other IT positions. The development of mobile applications has recently become a very dynamic branch in the IT industry, the number of mobile applications that are being developed for various purposes is constantly growing, and therefore the need for developers to work on them. A large number of companies in our market are dedicated to developing exclusively mobile applications, but I would say that companies are not focused exclusively on having specific mobile developers in their teams, so we have a really large number of great profiles – both iOS and Android developers.
Is there a difference in demand in our market when it comes to iOS and Android developers?
I would say that the demand is quite equal. I’ve been working more on positions for iOS developers lately, but that depends solely on the needs and direction of a particular company. The most common case is that companies develop both iOS and Android applications, so they have both developer profiles in their teams, but there are also a lot of cross-platform developers who have gained enough experience to work on both platforms, or improve in technologies that are just intended for that. Such candidates have actually been in high demand lately.
From your experience, what do candidates prefer: working on the development of new applications or joining a team that is working on maintaining the existing ones?
From my experience, candidates choose to work on developing new applications rather than maintaining existing ones. Especially if it is a specific or unusual application, a project that is new in our market, or something that they have not had the opportunity to meet so far – I would say that such applications are challenging and more often they decide to hear more about such projects and want to be included in the selection process.
What is the most common reason why candidates give up the further recruitment process?
I believe that it is the speed and efficiency of the selection process – if a candidate waits too long for feedback from the company in whose selection process he got involved, or if he receives inadequate and late feedback, it is something that can significantly affect his/her motivation, and be crucial in that the candidate abandons the process or engages in additional processes in parallel. It is important to inform candidates in a timely manner and give them adequate feedback, whether positive or negative, because in this way the company significantly influences the perception that candidates gain about it during the process.
Currently, what are the most popular tools for mobile application development?
As for iOS development, the most popular tools are Swift and Objective C, and for Android development – Kotlin. There is also React Native technology which has been in high demand by various companies lately.
In your opinion, what are the most important skills that mobile application developers should have?
I think that some of the most desirable skills are certainly flexibility, composure, as well as communication skills that are very important for cooperation and organization over time. Creativity is also one of the most important skills in this type of work.

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