Programming Java with Marija

Marija Šekularac – IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter
Is there anything that distinguishes working in this position from other positions in the IT sector? 
This position is not too demanding when we talk about the standard Java position, because there are a lot of good companies in our region that use the Java programming language, and therefore good candidates. If the position requires a certain framework, or experience with Cloud technologies, especially Docker and Kubernetes, the process requires more time, because many candidates don’t stand out on their LinkedIn profiles explicitly on which technologies and to what extent they have worked on previous or current projects.
From the Employer Branding perspective, do Java developers find the comments of other employees of the company they are applying for useful and do they influence their further interest during the selection process? 
Good question! Companies that have not yet recognized HelloWorld or Joberty as platforms of great importance, should pay attention to how they are presented and what are the impressions of their employees. The first step for candidates is to go to the company’s website, followed by reviews of the company on the above-mentioned platforms. Also, as the selection process progresses, candidates try to find out additional information about the company and the atmosphere within the teams from former colleagues or acquaintances.
From your experience, what do candidates prefer: working on new projects or joining a team that is working on an existing project?
It is extremely important to them how interesting the project itself is, especially whether it refers to AI or IoT. They prefer to work for companies that have their own product where they can express their creativity and contribute to further development. Working on a project from the very beginning is something that makes them happy, and inherited code and working in outsourcing companies are not something they look forward to.
What is the most common reason why candidates drop out of the further hiring process?
Currently, the pandemic is the biggest reason why many candidates do not want to change jobs in this situation. After that, the next factors that can be difficult are relocation, whether within Serbia or abroad, then there are family or health problems, as well as their focus on another framework or technology. What also greatly affects their interest is the speed of feedback from the company, as they often give up and decide to accept another job offer if they wait too long for an answer and comments on the outcome of the interview.
Would you single out some framework of the Java programming language that is currently considered as most popular?
Lately, one of the most current frameworks is definitely Spring, followed by Hibernate.
How do you see the future and development of the Java programming language on the Serbian IT market?
Java programming language is definitely one of the more popular languages that will apparently maintain such a reputation in the future, given that it is highly wanted in the business world. Candidates with whom I had the opportunity to talk, think that he is a little late with innovations and in a way lags behind languages that are newer and more popular, but also still finds a way to survive among the competition.

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