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Building the entire team from scratch for NIBE Group’s first Serbian office


7 placements in Q1


7 days


45k €

NIBE Group is the global leader in indoor climate solutions with minimum impact on the environment. Their solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, and hot water clearly play an important part in building a more sustainable future. Years of innovation and growth have taken them to where they are now, and it is time to take the next leap in their development. Digitalization and connectivity unlock new opportunitites for even more sustainable energy production and improved solutions for indoor climate.

With headquarters in Sweden, and an ambitious hiring plan for the upcoming years of further European development, NIBE Group decided to expand into a new market – Serbia, and initiated the collaboration with our BPS World Serbia team in December 2021.

Throughout the first quarter of 2022, our mutual mission was to find and attract the right Tech talent for NIBE Group’s newly established Belgrade office.

Dedicated Work

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

We were impressed with their dedication to the project.

HR Manager
Elsys Eastern Europe
We had to figure out how to attract the right people who wouldn’t be afraid of joining NIBE Group’s new chapter, so our biggest challenge consisted in finding a way of presenting the company to the candidates, and arousing interest among the ones who we believed would be the best fit. Together with NIBE Group, we made a strategy prior to our sourcing process, which included both technical expertise and a cultural alignment for the candidates of all seniorities and departments. This way, when we started searching for them, we knew exactly where to look and found the following people who were successfully hired by NIBE Group:
  • Senior Embedded Engineer
  • Senior UX/UI Designer (two placements)
  • Junior Embedded Engineer
  • Medior Embedded Engineer
  • Senior Front-End Developer

Delivery & Success Rate

What makes us especially proud is that our average delivery rate didn’t exceed 14 working days for any open position we have been working on. The efficiency was a crucial part of our recruitment process because NIBE Group’s office needed people as soon as possible so that they could continue developing their climate solutions. 

Senior Frontend Developer

Three candidates sent in the first month

Two candidates placed

Medior UX/UI Designer

Three candidates sent in the first month

Two candidates placed

Embedded Engineer

Four candidates sent in the first month

Three candidates placed

Q&A with NIBE Group

NG: We needed to find qualified staff within many technology fields, such as UI/UX, Backend, Frontend and QA. We wanted to start a hub to build a new location for future staff.

NG: We contacted several agencies but decided on BPS World due to their professionalism and the great persons they found for us.

NG: We discussed how NIBE is as a company and which culture we have with BPS World, after a few initial meetings, all candidates we received where well knowledged about our values, environmental focus etc. BPS assisted throughout the recruitment process.

NG: We have worked remotely from Sweden together with the BPS Belgrade team, only meet once, in the end of the first phase. All has been very successful and effective.

NG: They provide high-level applicants with both social skills and true expertise in their field.

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