Insicon: How an efficient and transparent recruitment process leads to six new colleagues


7 placements in Q1


7 days


45k €

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Insicon is an all-in-one insurance system supporting automation and digital transformation in every aspect of the insurance cycle. The i2i architecture is fully aligned with the business rule automation mindset, which spans over the entire business logic whereas no programming is required within the customisation. Insicon was founded in 2009 as a specialised product company in one sector with one product. Together with leading multinational partners they have strong implementation and development capacities, securing short time to market across Europe.

With offices in Stockholm and Belgrade, they began with the expansion of their development team in Serbia, which required external support and adequate approach due to the lack of quality candidates. We partnered with Insicon in spring 2022, and began with our search for experienced QA and Software Engineers, which resulted in 4 new colleagues added to the Insicon’s Belgrade team throughout Q2.

Our collaboration sucessfully continues to this day and we hope to bring more talented people and value to their company in the future.

„We already worked with several HR agencies before but BPS World shows professionalism, commitment and instant results, exactly what we needed.“

Saša Petrić


Prior to our sourcing stage, we gathered all the details about the company and created a strategy with Insicon, which included both technical expertise and cultural alignment for the candidates of all seniorities and departments. This way, when we started searching for them, we knew exactly where to look and found the following people who were successfully hired by Insicon:

  1. Senior QA Engineer (two placements)
  2. Senior Software Engineer (two placements)
  3. Delivery Manager (two placements)

Delivery & Success Rate

What makes us especially proud is that our average delivery rate didn’t exceed 10 working days for any open position we have been working on. The efficiency was a crucial part of our recruitment process and the support we received from the stakeholders at Insicon was significant – it was a mutual effort which was recognized by the candidates and made the entire recruitment process easier and ensured great achievement.

Senior QA Engineer

Eight candidates sent
Five candiates interviewed

Two candidates placed

Senior Software Engineer

Seven candidates sent
Five candidates interviewed

Two candidates placed

Delivery Manager

Five candidates sent
Four candidates interviewed

Two candidates placed

Q&A with Insicon

Insicon: Our company needed additional resources to cover higher workload and BPS World is helping us in recruiting various profiles of IT engineers to strengthen our team.

Insicon: We already worked with several HR agencies before but BPS World showed professionalism, commitment and instant results, which is exactly what we needed.

Insicon: We communicate very effectively, just when needed with very focused discussion on relevant issues.

Insicon: BPS World did pre-selection of candidates, presenting us only those candidates which are good fit for our company with precise and targeted candidates profiles. All communication with candidates during the process, organization of interviews and finally negotiation with selected candidates was completely held by BPS World which was a huge save of time and energy for our team.

Insicon: They are a skilled and professional team, understanding our needs and values.

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