Small Planet: Creating an efficient and constant talent pipeline remotely


7 placements in Q1


7 days


45k €

For over a decade, Small Planet has been creating apps and websites used by millions of people. Based in the US, with presence in 17 cities and 10 different countries, their team takes everything they have to create experiences that inform and inspire. They deliver thoughtful solutions for e-commerce, enterprise, media, edtech, health and wellness, and much more.
With the mindset of a company that thinks the best work comes from broad perspectives, they find themselves privileged to work with team members from far and near. After thorough research, this mindset has led them to Europe, and a new recruitment partner for the Balkan region’s tech talent pool.
Small Planet’s goal was to expand their in-house and external teams with candidates from Serbia, which required building an efficient and stable pipeline of quality candidates whose technical and cultural background matched Small Planet’s vision and values.
Our mission was to craft the most efficient model that would provide this type of profiles in an ongoing manner, so a typical Success Fee model wasn’t the right option. Small Planet’s hiring needs were constant and they wanted to build their own database of people with our help. Shortlist business model has allowed them to focus exclusively on hiring, while we took care of a steady pipeline of candidates.

„They really understand the qualifications of each role.”

Joana Kelly

Small Planet

Attracting the right talent during the year of constant challenges and changes has been quite a task, but thanks to our onboarding efficiency and clear communication from the start, we were able to attract and deliver 40 candidates to Small Planet’s HR team. Once we completed the Shortlist for a certain role,
there would be no hidden costs or expectations, which was the recipe for the success we achieved mutually throughout 2022.

Delivery & Success Rate

What makes us incredibly proud is that our average delivery rate didn’t exceed 15 working days for any open position we have been working on. Efficiency was a crucial part of our recruitment process because Small Planet had several open roles and needed constant support and ongoing flow of the candidates.

Q&A with Small Planet

SP: We needed to scale our development team quickly and needed a healthy pipeline of vetted candidates. We also wanted to expand our geographic search.

SP: We spoke to a few different European software developer recruiters, and we found BPS World to be the most responsive and the most flexible with their engagement model.

SP: We’ve hired several developers who we really like, and who have each been excellent contributors to our teams.

SP: The workflow has been very effective – It’s cut down a lot on time we spend vetting candidates as they come to us pre-screened by BPS World’s team.

SP: They really understand the qualifications of each role, so they send us appropriate candidates without us needing to overly explain what we’re looking for. They really take the time to understand how we work, and who might be a good fit to join us.

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