Top 5 Hires in 2021

In the world of Information Technology, this year was all about adjustments. Whether we are talking about hybrid and remote work models, different expectations of both employers and their employees, higher level of work-life balance, or a major breakthrough of new companies throughout the world – it appears that all of the above is here to stay.

Having in mind these changes, we observed and tracked our performance in 2021, compared it to 2020 and decided to compile a “2021’s Top 5 Hires” list and see how much the situation has changed in IT recruitment. 

According to our statistics, the role that required most support in 2020 was Java Developer, along with PHP Developer. Programming languages used for back-end development have been the ones where the lack of good candidates was a big problem for many HR departments. What we can see from our list below, is that one year later, recruiters had more trouble in finding quality Senior front-end and mobile developers.

However, back-end developers are right behind these roles, which should not surprise us, knowing that both back-end and front-end development are equally important and can’t go one without the other. The only thing that dictates their position on our list is the current demand and speed of individual growth of a company and their priorities, which often change according to their clients’ needs. 

With 2022 just around the corner, we look forward to seeing new technology trends and providing you with support whenever needed – no matter the apparent difficulty of a particular role. 

Until then, we encourage you to take a look at our newest open gaming and IT jobs and apply if you find them interesting!

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