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IT recruitment agency that helps startups or well-established businesses build teams remotely, scale businesses, and find the right leaders by building long-lasting relationships.

Why BPS Tech

Our approach to recruitment is similar to a highly tuned algorithm in that it is always based on the same values, regardless of the service or business model. It consists of five crucial ingredients for the success of our recruitment procedure.


Efficiency and Commitment

Once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit, we’d love to learn more about your organization and culture. We are committed to the complete recruitment process, from revising the Job Description to assigning the appropriate Account Manager, to Sourcing, Screening, the CV, preparing the Candidate Submission form, and finally Hiring.


Transparency and Directness

Honesty saves everyone’s time and resources, and we know that if we aren’t transparent from the start, we will most likely experience difficulties. We will not hide and prolong the search if a role is a mission impossible for us. You will receive feedback from us throughout the process when things go well and when we get stuck.


Determination and Patience

We pledge that once you’re on board, we’ll strive relentlessly to locate the best match for the job. But we also have the foresight to know when to give up if we haven’t gotten any concrete results after a while of searching. We’ll schedule a call once we’ve exhausted all of our available resources to try to identify alternative answers together.


Passion and Eagerness to learn

We’re always learning about new technology and meeting new people, and it’s something we’re quite interested in. We strive to bring energy and positivity to every interaction, and our outgoing personality naturally transfers to our recruitment process. We’re continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve the recruitment process and stay current on industry trends.

How It Works



Our onboarding process familiarizes us with your company and the job requirements. We map out our recruitment journey together to create a customized approach.


Custom Approach

We customize your recruitment. We evaluate your market position and identify your USPs. We use this information to create a unique job description for each role and set the right tone for candidate contact.


Interview Time

Our thorough 30-minute calls allow us to assess their skills and send you only the best candidates. After the interviews, we put the candidate’s CV and valuable insights into a comprehensive document. This document describes the candidate’s technical skills, personality, and fit for the role and company culture.

Programs Designed For Your Needs

Build your team remotely

Designed for companies that want to ensure that they are hiring the best talent to complement their existing teams and reach their full potential. Maybe you need a one-time vital role and you don’t know what to expect next when it comes to your hiring schedule. No pressure. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your company and we are dedicated to providing a tailored recruitment experience that meets your specific needs.

Scale your business

Specially crafted for companies that are starting fresh, whether that’s opening a new office or building an all-star team from scratch, but are not sure where to start. We know that finding the right people to bring your vision to life sometimes seems like the toughest challenge in the world, but that’s where we come in. We’ll act as your ally during the whole process and make sure to spread the word among the best ones on the market.

Find the right leaders

Once the recommendations don’t work, this one becomes tough (not impossible though).Executive search is a process like no other in the world of Tech Recruitment and we like to approach it with care. Every company is unique, and that’s why we need to take care of every detail to ensure that we find the ideal leader who has the perfect balance of technical and soft skills to lead you in the wanted direction.

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