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BPS TECH is your end-to-end HR partner for the tech industry, specializing in recruitment and talent acquisition.

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How It Works



Our onboarding process is designed to understand your company and job requirements thoroughly. Together, we’ll craft a tailored recruitment strategy that fits your unique needs.


Custom Approach

We personalize your recruitment process by evaluating your market position and identifying your unique selling points (USPs). Leveraging this insight, we craf job descriptions for each role, setting the perfect tone for candidate engagement.


Interview Time

During our comprehensive 30-minute calls, we evaluate candidates’ skills to ensure we present you with only the most suitable ones. Following interviews, we compile detailed documents that include the candidate’s CV and our insights. These documents outline the candidate’s technical skills, personality traits, and suitability for both the role and your company culture.

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Services Designed For Your Needs

Find the Right Tech Talent

Made for companies seeking to enhance their teams with top-tier talent, whether you’re seeking to fill a critical role urgently or planning your hiring strategy for the future. With no pressure and a focus on understanding your unique needs, we’re committed to delivering a customized recruitment experience.

Scale your Business

Tailored for companies embarking on new ventures, whether it’s launching a new office or assembling a team from the ground up, but aren’t quite sure where to begin. We understand that finding the perfect individuals to breathe life into your vision can feel like an uphill battle, which is where we step in.

Executive Search

When traditional methods fall short, executive search steps in. While it’s not without its challenges, it’s a process we handle with precision and diligence. Understanding that each company is distinct, we meticulously attend to every aspect to secure the ideal leader for your team.


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