Get to know our team

We believe that great things happen when the right people come together, and that’s exactly what we do. No matter where our clients and candidates are based, we have the expertise and drive to make it work.

Our Values 

The way we see it – tech recruitment is not just about matching skills and experience. It’s about finding the right fit and building lasting relationships. That’s why we take the time to get to know both our clients and candidates, and why we approach every new job opportunity with enthusiasm and commitment.

Efficiency and Commitment

Once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit, we’d love to learn more about your organization and culture. We are committed to the complete recruitment process, from revising the Job Description to assigning the appropriate Account Manager, to Sourcing, Screening, the CV, preparing the Candidate Submission form, and finally Hiring.


Transparency and Directness

Honesty saves everyone’s time and resources, and we know that if we aren’t transparent from the start, we will most likely experience difficulties. We will not hide and prolong the search if a role is a mission impossible for us. You will receive feedback from us throughout the process when things go well and when we get stuck.


Determination and Patience

We pledge that once you’re on board, we’ll strive relentlessly to locate the best match for the job. But we also have the foresight to know when to give up if we haven’t gotten any concrete results after a while of searching. We’ll schedule a call once we’ve exhausted all of our available resources to try to identify alternative answers together.


Passion and Eagerness to learn

We’re always learning about new technology and meeting new people, and it’s something we’re quite interested in. We strive to bring energy and positivity to every interaction, and our outgoing personality naturally transfers to our recruitment process. We’re continuously looking for new ways to improve the recruitment process and stay current on industry trends.

Meet the Frontends

IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter

IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter

IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter

IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter

IT & Gaming Specialist Recruiter

Meet the Backends

Nikolina Trivic

Sales Manager

Marketing Specialist
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A Word From All Of Us

For years, we meticulously studied all kinds of frameworks and tech stacks, and combined with our knowledge of psychology – we became who we are today; a team of dedicated tech recruiters who manage to laugh a lot while together, yet understand the importance of the assignment and deliver the best quality the IT industry has to offer. 

And we can’t wait to meet you.

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