What Lies Ahead in the IT Industry?

What lies ahead in the IT industry?

In the ever-evolving world of IT industry, Serbia has proven to be a dynamic hub for technological growth and innovation. We recently sat down for insightful interviews with industry experts Netokracija and IT Industrija to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of IT in Serbia. In this blog post, we’ve synthesized these conversations to provide you with a detailed overview of the IT landscape, emerging trends, sought-after roles, and the impact of the ongoing crisis.

Global Crisis and Serbia’s IT Realm

The IT sector worldwide has faced its share of challenges, stemming from the ongoing crisis that has led to layoffs, market instability, and heightened uncertainty. In this global context, Serbia’s IT industry has not remained untouched. However, amidst these challenges, our agency aims to equip candidates with valuable information, enabling them to anticipate changes, stay aligned with current trends, and make informed decisions.
So, what IT jobs are in high demand having in mind current circumstances?
Despite global turbulence, the demand for IT engineering profiles in Serbia remains robust. Traditional programming languages such as .NET, Java, C++, and Python continue to be sought after. Interestingly, there’s an evident rise in positions related to Data Science, Machine Learning, and Project Management, indicating a forward-looking industry.
While certain preferences of employers have persisted, like the dominance of .NET technology, there’s a notable shift towards artificial intelligence. This transition aligns with the global shift towards more AI-integrated projects, reflecting Serbia’s integration into broader industry trends.

Navigating Uncertainty: Tips and Insights

Amid the ongoing crisis, companies and candidates alike are navigating uncertainty. Projects have faced setbacks, and security previously found in the years leading up to 2022 is now less assured. For companies, adaptation demands strategic planning and development of sales capabilities, while candidates must invest in knowledge, proactive job searching, and interview preparation to stay competitive.
The changing landscape has prompted adjustments in demand for roles. Senior positions in .NET, Java, Project Management, and Data Engineering persist, yet a new trend emerges with the rise of sales positions. On the flip side, mobile development roles have experienced a decrease in demand, accompanied by reduced salaries.
As the global crisis continues to impact the IT sector, candidates must remain vigilant and informed. Market monitoring, versatile skills, a strong online presence, and effective communication with recruiters are essential. At BPS TECH, we are here to share knowledge and insights, supporting candidates as they navigate these uncertain waters.
In conclusion, Serbia’s IT industry stands as a resilient and ever-adapting domain, offering both challenges and prospects. The global crisis has created an environment of change and unpredictability, underscoring the importance of staying informed and proactive. As individuals and companies alike forge ahead, adapting and staying attuned to the evolving IT landscape remain paramount. Through our conversations with experts, we hope to empower candidates with the knowledge they need to navigate these turbulent times and emerge stronger in Serbia’s dynamic IT sector.

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